Subscribing to EuroTELEFON Account

You can choose to make prepayment for subsequent calls while creating your account, or select "No Payment" and make a deposit into the account within the web-based EuroTELEFON site later. However, if you choose to prepay please note that your transaction is handled by a reliable and independent company: PayU. This company takes full responsibility to properly carry out payment transactions.

Please note that most accounts work on a "prepaid" basis. However, a call within the network and connections in Poland for 800 numbers and emergency numbers are free. In Poland the call is made without dialing the prefix "0".

Filling in this form constitutes your consent to the processing of data contained therein by TKSoftware and consent to the transfer of information related to our journals electronically. Personal data from this sheet are used exclusively for TKSoftware business purposes in connection with the customer service EuroTELEFON network. In accordance with the Polish Law of 08.29.1997 on the Protection of personal data, subject to the provisions of the Act relating to data guarantees protection